We've already seen one 'showdown' between coding on platforms: the iPhone vs Windows Phone 7, and now we have what is perhaps the more important one, where Android takes on the new comer.

Android is perhaps more important than the iPhone because at the rate at which it is gaining, it will pass Cupertino sooner than later (they just hit 70,000 apps, nearly doubling the 38K mark in April). In fact, due to the plethora of hardware variations and carrier support, Android is quite the formidable opponent. 

Now, in fairness, this is but one person's comparison between coding on two platforms so nothing is definitive--only the free market will decide such things in the end. Still, it's nice to know that when Microsoft says it's going all out to help out and support developers, it just isn't PR spin-- a lot of them agree.

New to the scene is Mishkin Faustini, who is a fan of Windows Phone 7, so that bias should be considered, but he does a nice job of comparing and contrasting the two platforms finally mentioning that

...the dev tools for Android are laughable at best in comparison to the beauty and elegance of Microsoft dev tools

Well, we'll see when WP7 hits and how the developer community responds as a whole, talk about uphill battle, sheesh. But hey we'd rather hear good news than bad news these days about WP7's future.