Looks like leakers giving themselves nicknames is all the rage now. Neowin's new friend is "betacollector", who has posted a healthy dose of new Crossbow screenshots to this forum thread.

Those of you holding out for something more impressive than a re-skinning and general tweaks should probably stop now - we've known for awhile now that there's nothing hugely new in Crossbow. At least they added the screen we see on the right here - "Enable the "X" button to end running programs." On paper, letting the OS handle memory and multitasking without the user's interaction may have been a great idea, but the number of us who've gone to great lengths to just easily quit programs has been proof enough that it didn't work in WM5. Good job with this dialog, Microsoft. Thanks.

Testers of Windows Mobile Codenamed Crossbow (or Windows Mobile 6.0) have leaked at least 2 versions of the pre-release online, along with a good number of screenshots. According to our source betacollector the pre-release is incomplete, missing a few functions but working fine.

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