Phone Arena has the full scoop on what exact new HTC hotness we can expect for Sprint and Verizon, but here's the short version:

Sprint's getting the Diamond first (HTC codename Victor) and it pretty much has the same specs as the Telus Diamond. Expected ship date, as we guessed the other day, is still Sept. 2nd.

Next up for Sprint is their version of the Touch Pro (HTC codename Herman). True to the 'Pro' in the name, we've got double the ROM (512) and a MicroSD card slot. Plus, of course, that keyboard. Expected ship date sometime in October.

Verizon is getting these devices as well, but interestingly they won't be identical. Both their Diamond and Raphael will have the slower, Qualcomm 7500/400MHz processor and lack other features like the accelerometer. The Big V's Diamond, however, will drop the 4 gigs of internal memory in favor of an honest-to-god microSD card slot. Verizon's stuff will come after Sprint gets their period of exclusivity, however long that'll be.

Big ups to Phone Arena for the info!