Here's a little more on the HTC Sense running on Windows Phone 7 that gives the earlier video a little more credibility.

As some pointed out in the earlier video, it now appears as if this will be a Hub within Windows Phone 7 (as the video above demonstrates). WMExperts member GP007 described it as a "Super App". posted the above video and commented (translated), "The had exclusive access to the new HTC Mozart, a Windows Phone Equipment 7 very interesting. One component that has few people had access was the HTC HUB interface, which presents itself as the best ever made by HTC.".

The Hub demoed differs slightly from what we saw earlier today, focusing mostly with the weather panel. With Microsoft's earlier stance against third party UI's, a hub makes sense for Sense.

Regardless how Sense lands on Windows Phone 7, based on these two demos, it's going to look good.