Lumia 822

Some more details about the Lumia 822 have come forward, a device which many of you have expressed vehement abhorrence with in our comments previously.

The device will use “Nokia Maps” instead of just “Maps” like other Windows Phone 8 devices, but that’s not really news as it is just a name change. Nokia Maps and regular Maps are one and the same with downloadable offline content in Windows Phone 8, something that is available in the emulator today. In short, you can pick and choose areas like whole States to download for usage when there is no signal.

The phone does not show up as a mass-storage device in Windows 7 but we know for a fact now that Windows Phone 8 devices do appear with Windows 8 desktop—yet another reason to upgrade. In fact, when you plug in a WP8 device into a Windows 8 PC, the device shows up in File Explorer with drag-n-drop capabilities for music, photos, documents etc.

Other tidbits about the device itself are more interesting:

  • 16GB of storage with SD card slot for expandable memory
  • Wireless charging is included
  • Backplate is not removable
  • Will supposedly retail only for $49 on contract
  • The device feels much like the HTC Trophy i.e. plastic like

Be certain that this is no flagship phone for Verizon but rather aiming for the low-end without a serious financial commitment from consumers. That's not a bad demographic to aim for and Nokia has had success with the Lumia 710 on T-Mobile. It would seem that Verizon may be going for the Lumia 822 instead of the HTC 8S although we’ll have to wait until Verizon officially announces these devices in the coming weeks.

Source: WMPU