Microsoft Surface

Microsoft's move to not announce the Surface Mini at yesterday's event in New York City took us by surprise, so we were left wondering what happened. Aside from being pushed back by the hands of Nadella and Elop, it turns out that the smaller Surface tablet was already in production, with some 15,000-20,000 units having already been assembled.

Neowin is reporting that Microsoft's partners were already manufacturing the device, though more so in smaller runs (as much as several thousand is a a 'small' run) to work out kinks in the manufacturing process. The decision by Microsoft executives to push back the announcement was reportedly a last minute one, coming as late as two days before the actual announcement.

In addition to the earlier report of the Surface Mini lacking differentiating features, it's also being reported that Microsoft chose to delay the tablet until a touch-friendly version of Microsoft Office is ready. A touch version of Office would be especially important on the Surface Mini, given the smaller screen size would make the designed-for-a-cursor controls of the current version even less friendly.

All that said, we'd rather Microsoft take their time to get the Surface Mini and its software right, rather than release something that's not quite ready for prime time. What do you think — is specifically optimized software what the hypothetical Surface Mini needs? Or is a Surface Mini even something you want anymore, now that there's a Microsoft Surface Pro 3?

Source: Neowin