Lumia 928 Leak

In the wise words of the Internet: "OH HAI DER LUMIA 928!" A handful of leaked images have been spotted over on Androidsym, which has published a number of shots that were taken with the Nokia Windows Phone. Exif information for each photo (excluding the above) reportedly shows the Lumia 928, and follows up on the leaked image from a Nokia employee we looked at a few days ago.

Fancy a close-up on the white handset in the above mirror shot? We thought you'd never ask.

Lumia 928 Zoom

Now, while it does follow the similar design we've seen already, that doesn't look exactly like a Lumia 920 to us (or any released Windows Phone for that matter). Notice the somewhat-black element on the top-left hand corner? That's something new and worthy of some speculation as to what it could be. The device almost looks like a Lumia 920 and Lumia 720 got together and started a family.

Here's another shot that was also taken using the front-facing camera on the smartphone (check her shades for the reflection - it's a black screen with a slight white border):

Lumia 928

There's still a lack of information when it comes to the Lumia 928. That said, we now know how both cameras perform in daylight, especially with the shots that were found on Flickr the other day. So, what do you all think?

Source: Androidsym; thanks, Jay, for the tip!