lumia 930

Microsoft's Nokia Lumia 930 should be going on sale early in July across a number of countries and today we got more info on when Italy, Austria and Greece will get the Windows Phone 8.1 device.

In Italy, the phone will go on sale a week from today on July 4 and the first 930 people who purchase it directly from Microsoft will be able to get two freebies: a Mini Speaker Bluetooth and the Nokia Proximity Sensor WS-10.

Over in Austria, the Lumia 930 will also go on sale July 4, according to a press release that was sent out to local media. The phone will be available via A1 Telekom and T-Mobile in that part of the world. Finally, the retailer Plaisio in Greece currently has a pre-order page up for the Lumia 930, with a price of 599 euros, but does not yet have a launch date.

Will you be among the first to purchase the Lumia 930 when it launches next week in some parts of the world?

Thanks to the many people who tipped us!

Source: Nokia Italy, Plaisio, Fabian Pimminger