The release of the new Windows 10 Technical Preview 9860 build on Tuesday added a number of new features and improvements to its testers, and some of them are still being discovered by users.

One of them is a hidden zPCSettings app, which was found by one of our Windows Central forum members. This feature appears to be a very early version of a new touch-based settings app for PCs. Some of the functions don't work yet, but it's still very early days for Windows 10 and we could see this new Settings app become more functional in the weeks and months to come.


In addition, McAkins Online has found some improvements in the touch-based features of Windows 10 in this new build. One of them allows the touch keyboard to appear when text boxes are tapped in the desktop. The new build also now allows users to swipe from the top edge of any Modern UI if they are in fullscreen mode to show its title bar. Finally, swiping from the bottom of the a fullscreen Modern app can now bring up the desktop taskbar.

What do you think of this latest build of the Windows 10 preview?

Source: Windows Central forums, McAkins Online