Lumia 1330 leak

Update: We've received new information that the images, as it turns out, are fake. The image of the yellow device in question looks identical to the one featured in our hands-on of the Lumia 1320 back at Nokia World 2013. That's not to say that the device alleged to be the Lumia 1330 won't feature a similar design. A leaked image of the back cover does indicate that the speaker will now be alongside the camera sensor. This set of images, are however, believed to be false. We're sorry for the confusion, and will be more diligent in the future (whilst checking our own media).

Original story follows.

With just a day to go until we find out what Microsoft has in store for us, the leaks are starting to come in thick and fast. Leaked images of what will likely be the Lumia 535 and a larger device believed to be the Lumia 1330 turned up yesterday, and today we have more images of the latter device.

Lumia 1330 leak

From the images, it looks like the device (the rear at least) is identical to the Lumia 1320, albeit with Microsoft branding. We've been unable to confirm the above, so be sure to take everything with a grain of salt. That said, we should know more tomorrow.

What do you guys think? Will we see a Lumia 1330 tomorrow?

Thanks Guy and varunpatrick!