We're starting to see a new theme of video reviews this year: shaky video cam tests. Yes, with Nokia's Lumia 920 and their optical image stabilization (OIS), everyone will be comparing it to everything. The question is how crazy will the rigs and trials get?

The latest video, evidently hailing from Thailand, shows the Lumia 920, Galaxy S3 and what looks to be the iPhone 4 5 all strapped together on a rig to compare the video stability...by running through an internet cafe or coffee house.

Now unfortunately, this is far from perfect. For one, the rig itself with its added weight starts to bring a counter-balance effect, helping to stabilize all the phones. What's more, the final footage is not show directly (with a triple edit of side-by-side) meaning you  have to watch a video of the video playing from a distance.

So setup and test? We give an A-. For judging the results: D. 

Still, you can at least see the 920 is still doing quite well with the Galaxy S3 doing the worst and the iPhone seemingly not too bad. In the end though, Engadget still did it better.

PS Why does Russia and Thailand get this phone early for hands-on? We have no idea if these are sanctioned or just black-market.

Source: NokiaGang; Thanks, Palindrome, for the link