In our forums, Surur links us to a bunch of videos - one, two, three, four of them - showing off the features of the new Touch Dual. I use the current EDGE-only HTC Touch as my main device, but I've been loathe to talk about it since it hasn't received any official carrier support here in the US. That may be a mistake, though, as HTC recently announced they've sold 800 thousand of the cute little buggers worldwide. I have a friend in London who says that "all the cool kids have them." Here too, my globetrotting friend, here too.

I digress. The Touch Dual, as we said before, one-ups the Touch by adding 3G and a slide-out keyboard in two different flavors. It's "nerfed," though, because it drops the WiFi. There are other benefits. The first is that HTC is still improving on its TouchFLO interface. Now we see that you can draw a circle around a photo to zoom in on it, flick to scroll between photos, access a new shortcuts menu by pulling down the slider, and change ringer profiles from the today screen.

Additionally, according some folks in this thread at XDA, we may be able to expect the keyboard pictured at right to be made available to current Touch owners. If we're lucky, the rest of the TouchFLO improvements will arrive too. Hopefully they'll make their way to the soon-to-be-released Sprint Touch (read our hands-on impressions) as well.

Still, though, the Touch "Cube" still only has 3 sides and isn't easily customizable. Please fix that too, HTC.

HTC: Serious about taking on the iPhone. (Again, here's part 1 and part 2 of our Touch vs. iPhone series).

the new HTC picture viewer, which uses gestures, and perform similarly to the iPhone. I think their circular gesture is actually more intuitive than the iPhone's and can probably be done more easily one handed too.

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