Ugh. HTC may offiically be jumping the shark with their "Touch" labeling of everything. Lets take this slowly.

First, we have the HTC Touch Find, which is just a re-branding and slight improvement in roundness of the HTC Touch Cruise. This device, according to Engadget Mobile should hit European carriers (Movistar and probably others) soon.

Next, others have are trying to puzzle out the difference between the HTC Touch Pro, which is expected to be announced this Tuesday and the T-Mobile MDA-Compact IV, which had a brief photo shoot at CeBIT 2008 (via Phone Magazine).

If you recall the HTC Spy Shot, you can see two devices on the lower right -- one appears to be the Touch Pro and one appears to be the MDA Compact IV. Below, the MDA on the left and the spy shot on the right:


They're very similar looking but don't seem to be the exact same device. Everybody got it? We don't yet, but at least we know everything will be cleared up in five days.