Windows 10 People app

Microsoft used its Windows 10 press event today to show that Windows 10 will include a number of universal apps, including a People app, a Music app and more.

The new apps are part of Microsoft's new strategy that will allow Windows 10 app developers to code once, and have their apps work on any device. The new People app will aggregate your family and friends from across a number of social networkss. Users can make Skype calls and videos from within the app.

The Music app will include support for OneDrive cloud playing sometime in a few months.It will allow users to add a song to a playlist, and sync it across all devices. The Maps app will include Cortana integration. The app will help users find alternate routes around traffic on PC, and sent that info to a phone. It will even help users remember where they parked their car. Office, Messaging, Outlook and other apps will all be universal apps for Windows 10.

Stay tuned as we will continue to post information from the Windows 10 press event. To see it all roll in live be sure to join us in the liveblog!