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Some more information about what may be included in the next version of Windows, code name "Threshold" has been leaked, including some screenshots that show its Start menu may change colors based on the background theme selected by the user for the OS.

The screenshots, first posted on, would seem to indicate Microsoft will offer some small but still nice customization options for the returning Start menu in Threshold, which may or may not be called Windows 9 when it is released.. Keep in mind that even if these images are accurate, Microsoft could still remove this feature before the final version of Threshold goes live.

In addition, long time Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott has a few more new tidbits about Threshold in a new article, based on what looks like first hand knowledge of an early build. One interesting thing he notes is a new Share button that he says is found on the Share tab in File Explorer. He states this is similar to the button found on Windows Phone, and will let users share some items with certain Modern apps.

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Once again, keep in mind that Threshold is still at least several months from its official launch and features will likely be added, changed or discarded before it is released. The company will hold a press event in San Francisco on September 30 to talk about how the next version of Windows will work with enterprise customers but, as we reported Thursday, that event will not be live streamed on the Internet. Are you still excited about the next version of Windows?

Source:, Winsupersite