The other day we mentioned how beneficial it will be for programmers to be able to write Windows Phone 7 applications in Silverlight (see "DroppyPop"), specifically we can run them in a web browser to demo them first or as an expansion.

Today we have a few more apps to show from the blog by Sigurd Snørteland. Even the code is provided in case others are curious about writing apps Silverlight. Sigurd weighs in on the whole process by stating thus:

To make it clear right away: Silverlight development of WP7 is incredibly easy and fun. If you have coded a little silver light before you are productive from the start. Virtually the only difference from the normal Silverlight development is that you use any other visual studio templates, and that you get access to some new APIs such. gps, accelerometer, camera, etc.

Here are the programs below (World Clock, CoverFlow, Weather and Solitaire) and read more from Sigurd here.

Also check out some of the cool apps featured on Fuze Mobility.

[via Mobility Digest]