Super Agent

Mossad is an interesting Windows Phone 8 title that incorporates your Windows Phone location services into an augmented reality spy game. You are assigned various missions that are location based and basically involves locating or hiding virtual items.

The Windows Phone 8 game was recently updated to version 1.0.05 that changes the game’s title from Mossad to Super Agent. The change was brought about to avoid any confusion with the Israeli Mossad.

Super Agent

The update does add support for Windows Phones that lack a compass but it also changes the priced. Super Agent is no longer a free game for Windows Phone 8 but does have a trial version to let you try things out before buying. The full version of Super Agent will now cost you $.99.

If augmented reality games are your cup of tea, Super Agent is worth trying. It may not appeal to those looking for a game to help pass short bits of time with but I have to admit, the game does grow on you.

Again, there is now a trial version with the full version running $.99. Super Agent is available for Windows Phone 8 and you can find Super Agent here in the Windows Phone Store. 

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