Hot on Ed Zander's heels (or, as Mike reported in his post, Ed ZNDR's HLS), Motorola's Chief Technology Officer has also left. As everybody is noting, the leaving seems particularly harsh in that Padmasree Warrior has also been completely scrubbed from Motorola's site - here's a Google Cache of her original bio at the site. Heck, even her company blog got eliminated (here's a Google Cache of that, too).

We've written before that Motorola has lost its way, as early as January, in April when they apologized and promised to “do better”, in May when Zander fought off a mini-coup, in July when they posted a huge loss, in September when they (boneheadedly) cut R&D by 15%... we've seen Moto hurting a lot lately. So while we can't speak to Warrior's effectiveness, it does seem awfully clear that Moto needs a clean break and needs to get things turned around in a big hurry.

We'll say that the Motorola Q9h is is big step in the right direction, as is that WiFi Q9 that got everybody all atwitter yesterday. Keep 'em coming, Moto.

The struggling mobile-phone maker confirmed on Monday that Padmasree Warrior, who was executive vice president and chief technology officer at Motorola, has left the company. Many references to her on the Motorola Web site have already been removed.

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