Having already tried layoffs, splits, ritual sacrifice ousters and the emergence of yet another device in the Q9 series, Motorola reportedly is close to hiring a new shaman for its wireless unit, in hopes of salvaging the company's future (read: stock price) and get back to the glory days of the RAZR.

Todd Bradley is executive VP of HP's Personal Systems group, and he's been around the block a bit.

Bradley has a 25-year management career and has held senior roles at GE Capital Corp., The Dun & Bradstreet Corp., Gateway Corp., FedEx Corp and palmOne. Prior to joining HP, he was the chief executive officer of palmOne, where he led a successful turnaround of that company and established a new category of mobile devices for the industry.

Bradley reportedly is one of two people being considered to helm Moto's soon-to-be independent wireless branch. But with rumblings last week that the handset spinoff might not happen, we'll take this with a grain of salt until the ink's dry.

Update: Former Moto marketing manager James King apparently is jumping ship to Samsung.

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