Well isn't this a nice little site that Motorola has set up. Looks like they're focusing on the fact that the new MotoQ9s are "multimedia-centric," which I'm all for. On the left we see the Verizon-red Motorola Q9M (arriving Aug 20th?) and on the right the Motorola Q9H (presumably on it's way to AT&T Aug 24th). The "M" is for "Music" and the "H" is for "HSDPA," if we're right about that sort of thing. I do notice that the Q9M and the Q9H are actually far more different from each other than I'd expected - different shapes around the edges, different screen placement, different keyboard buttons even.

Also - take a look at the outer edges there. OOOHHH. Question marks! Those must be the Motorola Q9Qs -- the Q is for Question Mark. Or not - the outline of those actually matches the old Moto Q form factor.

One last bit: The light grey version of the original Q is officially dead. (Good riddance, you ugly beast).

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