There's been some noise over the weekend and early this week about the Motorola Q9h, so let's take a gander. First up, the Boy Genius reports that AT&T should be releasing the beast in August:

If you take the word of one of BGR's top informants, then yes, the Motorola Q 9h will launch on AT&T in August.

...Which is good news for folks looking to get a new phone, but bad news for current MotoQ owners. Why is that? Well, it seems that Motorola isn't interested in following HTC's lead and offering Windows Mobile 6 upgrades for the current Q in either its GSM or CDMA forms, per SolSie:

I've spoken with the MotoDev department and they say that there will be no WM6 upgrade for the MotoQ because they are working on a new CDMA device that will have it. When I asked them if it's going to be the q9, they told me that they only have plans for GSM right now and hence the CDMA is probably another device.

Bummer. A bigger bummer is there hasn't been any rumblings of a CDMA Windows Mobile device from Moto that I've seen besides the above. Is it just me, or is the lion's share of the WM6 action heading to GSM networks?