Well check out this Windows Mobile Standard-Edition blur-shot from a leaked Motorola Roadmap. Details are as scant as scant can be - It's Windows Mobile, it's Yet Another Qwerty Keyboard Windows Mobile Smartphone, and strangest of all - it looks like Motorola is already making a gadget to replace the Motorola Q9. Unwired View is calling it the QX, though no word if the "X" is for "10" or for "We don't know what number to put on it yet." It is definitely "squarer" than the Q9 series, let's just hope that the featureset is improved a bit - WiFi and GPS would be at the top of my list.

Motorola Genghis is a Multi Q line full QWERTY phone, that will be an upgrade to Motorola Q9 business messenger line and just like current Q9s will come in different colors.

Read: Unwired View

Update: They're almost surely fake, bubbatex tells us as much in the comments.