It's been a rough quarter for Motorola and the result is that they posted a loss of $28 million for the quarter. I'm not at all surprised by the loss. Take a gander at all of the hijinks that they've been though in the past few months:

And that's just the coverage here. Now, Motorola has said that they're hoping the smartphone space will help save them and they may have a point there - the only bright spot in their report is that "Enterprise Mobility" is doing just fine, thanks. Must be those nice guys from Good Technology that got brought into the fold. My advice to them - keep your head down and keep on keepin' on.

In the second quarter, Motorola reported a net loss of $28 million, or 1 cent a share, down from year-ago profit of $1.38 billion, or 55 cents a share.

The mobile unit also posted an operating loss of $264 million, compared with an $804 million gain a year earlier.

Motorola's third major segment, called Enterprise Mobility, saw a 42% jump in sales to $1.9 billion. Operating profit rose to $302 million from $252 million.

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