Now, we're not going to apologize for our previous, ah, reservations about the Motorola Q9h Global in silver pinstripes (Rule #1: never be sorry about snark). However, it turns out there's slightly more to this Q9h story than meets the eye. The silver pinstripes really do look pretty slick and on the back of the device they're actually textured to add grip and, yes, a bit of class to the device. So that's fine and, dare we say, dandy (ahem).

But there are actually a couple new, hard-to-find features on this Q9h that we weren't aware of. We detail those and give you a handful of images after the break!

This Q9h Global earns the “global” part by supporting 3G worldwide. Additionally, it is AT&T's first WinMo phone to ship with 6.1 out of the box. Another first: it's the first to fully utilize AT&T's newly launched, full-on Assisted GPS sysem -- Moto claims they can get hotfixes in as little as 10 seconds with the device. Helllooo Nurse!

One last interesting bit, Moto tells us that there's a new Over-the-Air update system they've put into place with this Q9h -- something that isn't the under never-utilized Windows Mobile Update utility in Settings but about which the details are as-yet unclear. Things being slightly unclear with the Q9h line ain't exactly new, but we'll try to get the full deets on what exactly may be new here for ya as soon as we can.

We wouldn't recommend current Q9h-owners make the switch to Silver, but if you're in the market for a Q9h the Silver-edition looks to be the right choice. A few more shots for those of you on the fence: