After the break, a video first-look at the just-released Motorola Q9M. Short version of the video: The new form feels solid and professional, but still a bit like a big ol' slab. On the bright side it makes the original MotoQ look like the chinsy piece of plastic we all know it to be in our heart of hearts. We also compare it to the other big players in the YAQKWMS genre - the Q9M doesn't fare especially well. Finally, we checked out the new "The M is for Media" interface - color us pleasantly surprised.

Read on to watch the video and also to find out what exactly the deal is with the Fergie insert pictured above next to the Q9M.

Fergie? Really?

Here's the deal: I threw away the insert - it looked to me like useless advertising. Not so useless, turns out. I dug it out of the trash to find that it actually had a microSD -> miniSD adapter with a microSD card inside. It was only 128mb, though, bummer. However, it was chock full of stuff, including a tiny little video of Fergie Ferg talking about how much she loves the Q9M.

That feeling you're having while you think about Fergie talking about a Windows Mobile Smartphone, I have it too. Try not to let it bother you too much, this might help:

The card also featured more useful how-to guides and whatnot, which is something I think every Windows Mobile device should come with standard -- it should be cooked into the very ROM.

On to the video!

Unboxing and First Look