If you're into the latest and greatest tech, it's safe to say you've blown a bit of cash at some point and later suffered from buyer's remorse. That's got to be the case for Motorola right now, which is set to jettison the Good Technology Group and sell it to Visto Corp. for an undisclosed sum, according to the Wall Street Journal (pay site). [via Gear Diary]

For a while, Good served as a ... um ... good alternative to Exchange and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server when it came to push e-mail. (Heck, Dieter points out that Good even dabbled in MP3 players back in the day. Way back in the day.) But Exchange 2007 and the BES have taken over the bulk of corporate e-mail (heck, again, even Google's licensed Exchange now), and so Good is being shown the door.

Now back to that buyer's remorse. Whereas you and I might have dropped a few hundred dollars on a gadget that quickly gathered dust on a shelf, Motorola in early 2007 dropped nearly a half-billion dollars on Good. That's billion with a "b." And it's probably safe to say Moto's not making that back. Oops. Well, you pay to play, and it looks like Good has become just one more nail in Motorola's coffin.