What a strange, strange confluence of events. Not long ago, Malatesta and I were pondering during the podcast whether or not we'd ever see a Windows Mobile vertical slider again. We've also been wondering whether Motorola would be able to dig themselves out of the hole they're in (and whether their new Co-CEO could help). One thing that had been on our radar was this rumored “Moto-saver” the Boy Genius referenced awhile back, dubbed 'Alexander.' It was is to be an 8-megapixel wunderphone, but we figured it would run some variant of the OS found on the Ming or, as BGR guessed, UIQ.

We figured wrong, it turns out, as BGR comes through again with the details:

  • Yes, it runs Windows Mobile and we're going to guess it's 6.1. The screenshot at right looks to be 6.1 Standard with the modified sliding panels interface we first saw on the Napoleon.
  • the camera has switched from 8 to “5-8” megapixels
  • It'll have aGPS and NVIDIA for enhanced graphics
  • it should land Q4
  • It looks ...bad. That keyboard needs to have buttons thin enough to slide underneath the screen and it appears that Motorola's solution for that particular design issue is to make the keyboard stink.

We're more excited for the Napoleon than we are for this here Alexander, truth be told, but we're also willing to be proven wrong.