Panoramic managed to get their v2.1 update through the Marketplace today for moTweets and it was well worth it. The full changelog is listed here, but what you need to know is that it is significantly faster, in our opinion.

Loading of the app is quick but more importantly, the overall performance between swiping actions is near instant now. In fact, the on-device caching of data (meaning you don't have to redownload each time on launch) is top notch, making is very smooth and quick. Heck, it feels almost brand new to us. We also like the ability to "run beneath the lock screen" which means if your device turns off, when you click it back on there is no "refresh" operation taking place--you're just back where you started with no delay. We also dig the Tap’n’Hold options on a Tweet--makes tasks easier.

So is this our new default Twitter app? It just may be, between all the options and now the performance enhancements, we're impressed. Of course Panormic isn't done yet and have even more features we're told coming "in the next few weeks".

Grab moTweets (Free) here and moTweets 'premier' here. Give it a spin and let us know if we're too exuberant in our new assessment.