While Mehdoh is dying and Tweet it! is not for everyone, the old standby moTweets by Panoramic Software is getting a nice update very soon. Yes, version 3.0 is being prepared for submission to the Marketplace and we have the changelog for you.:

  • New: Background agent checks and updates the new Mango Live Tile
  • New: Ability to add the Post screen to the Live Tile for quick posting
  • New: Links now open in Pocket Internet Explorer
  • New: Reply auto selects the account you are reading from
  • New: Completely redesigned social engine, using https and much quicker response time
  • Proper translation of twitter links.
  • Custom handling for Japanese font
  • Link, Picture, and Timeline fixes for Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds
  • Fixed ImageWall
  • Better handling for Retweet, Spam
  • Fixed Trends and Local Trends

On top of that, a second update will closely follow bringing the highly sought after Toast Notifications. Panoramic is also exploring adding GooglePlus and LinkedIn support, though they're not certain on the timing of those features just yet.

We've been running v3.0 for a few days now and while it mostly looks the same (no major UI changes), it certainly feels a lot more smooth for scrolling and performance. Plus all of those little fixes and optimizations will go a long way for a lot of users. So if you're a fan of moTweets now, you'll be even more happy very soon.

Pick up the free, ad-supported version of moTweets here in the Marketplace or opt for the ad-free experience for $1.99 here. We'll keep you posted when version 3.0 hits.

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