Movie Maker 8.1

Yesterday morning we brought you news of a new app for devices running the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers. Movie Maker 8.1 is made by Venetasoft, and it is the first app to leverage the new video editing APIs of the updated OS, allowing you to use slow motion, clip, crop and eventually add filters and more to your movies.

At the time, we told you the developer had plans for many updates and new features, and last night the first of those updates went through. Version 1.1.24 is now live in the Store, and it includes a few fixes and improvements.

Movie Maker 8.1 (1.1.24)

  • By popular demand from WPCentral readers: added support to select multiple files at a time
  • Fix on (false) error message after saving a movie.
  • Added little help on the about page

The multi-select tool was certainly something many of you wanted, as it makes life easier when compiling your video creations. Likewise with the error message when saving, which although had no effect it was a bit jarring.

We expect more updates for Movie Maker 8.1 in the coming days, including that Universal app for Windows 8.1. So far though, how are you liking it?

Pick up Movie Maker 8.1 here in the Store. Free trial, or $1.49. Windows Phone 8.1 only

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