Pick My Movie

Movielator is a Windows Phone app that was designed to help you decide on finding a movie to watch. It was a decent movie finder of an app but needed a little fine tuning. Enter Pick My Movie.

The developer tweaked the appearance, interface, made a few under the hood adjustments and gave the app a more straight forward title. Pick My Movie breaks down the movie genre a little more and has more of a Metro or Modern UI appearance.  It's a nice renovation and not a bad app for when you just can't decide on what movie you should watch.

Pick My Movie

Pick My Movie has a Enter screen where you can enter the app or rate the app. Once you enter the app you face a series of tiles that represent various movie genre (westerns, action, horror, etc.) plus tiles that sort movie titles by date range and a tile to generate movie titles at random.

Once you choose a tile, eighteen movie titles are generated from that genre or time frame. Just tap on the movies' box cover to pull up a detail description of the movie.

All in all, the rebranding and redesign of Movielator looks good. Pick My Movie does focus more on "out of theater" titles that you'll likely find on Netflix, Amazon or your local movie rental store than current box office titles. That's not necessarily a bad thing because there are times everyone needs a little help finding a title for movie night at the house.

Pick My Movie is a free, ad-supported app for your Windows Phone that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

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