Microsoft appears to be focusing on media tonight as Groove Music, and now Movies & TV has been updated for Windows 10 for PC. That means at least for now we do not see an update for Windows 10 Mobile, but they are likely on their way as well.

Movies & TV has jumped from 1239 to 1271 matching Groove Music. Luckily, this update comes with a changelog although we're still unclear about a few things.

Movies & TV build 1271

  • Easily find movies and TV shows similar to the ones you love, right in the app
  • Better keyboard and mouse shortcuts for full-screen playback
  • Bonus content purchased with a movie is now shown on that movie's detail page. No more extras cluttering up your gallery!

All of that sounds promising, but the thing is we cannot find the actual differences between 1239 and 1271. Indeed, we already have 'You may also like' and our Dredd 'bonus' material is already included with the movie. Keyboard shortcuts for better full-screen playback also sound great we just don't know what they are or how the mouse controls differ from build 1239 (they look the same).

Update: As noted in comments, you can now double-click on the movie to toggle full-screen mode.

If you can find, the differences and let us know in comments! Otherwise, we may just go with the changelog in the Store's listing that says 'Minor fixes and improvements throughout the app.'

Download Movies & TV for Windows 10

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