Mozo back for Lumia 650

As part of the "Designed for Microsoft Lumia" program, accessory maker Mozo has produced another lineup of cases and backs for the Lumia 650. I've managed to get hold of one of them, the black wood battery cover, and it's, unsurprisingly, very nice.

First up, it's not real wood. It's plastic with a woodgrain effect finish. It's got the slightest of textures to it, and visually it's very subtle. And when it catches the light right, it looks fantastic.

It's simple and elegant, with absolutely no badges on the outward facing side. Completely clean, with the only breaks in the wood pattern coming for the cutouts where you'll have the camera and flash poking through.

This back also adds just the slightest extra thickness overall to the phone. It's immediately noticeable that it's thicker and less bendable than the stock cover, and while the difference is slight, it's noticeable. I actually like it. The Lumia 650 is incredibly slim and light, so I'm OK with a little extra thickness and texture when I'm holding the phone.

You don't sacrifice NFC, either, as it's built in to the cover.

Mozo back for Lumia 650

Ultimately it's a nice accessory to have to make your Lumia 650 look and feel a little different. It's not the only one available, there's a lighter sand wood finish, as well as a bunch of cases and flip covers. Sadly the sand wood seems harder to get hold of, so I wasn't able to get one of those in just yet.

It's an easy thing to do, but one that adds a little simplistic style and gives the Lumia 650 a sleek new look. Check out Mozo's Lumia 650 accessories for yourselves at the link below.

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