Just in time for the holidays, Microsoft has given Nokia a gift of their own, £20 million to advertising Nokia's new line of WP7 phones in the United Kingdom.  The money will fund a barrage of advertising across all media, focusing on different aspects of the phones' capabilities, including social media, gaming and wide variety of apps.  It comes as part of Nokia's agreement to scrap its proprietary operating system, Symbian, in favor of Windows Phone.  The partnership is huge for Microsoft and make or break for Nokia.  According to one source:

"Microsoft is funding a massive campaign with Nokia across every single media you can imagine. It’s the last roll of the dice for them. They must go big, bad and boldly. Microsoft is desperate to kick the hell out of Android. If they can get across how amazing Mango is they could really crack it this time."

And shortly after making their own financial commitment to marketing WP7, Samsung is receiving some help from Microsoft as well.  The Korean handset manufacturer has partnered with MS for a £8 million holiday push for the Omnia W, touting it as a multimedia device for everyone.  Details on how much of the £8m Microsoft contributed are scarce, but in a statement Windows Phone Division president Andy Lees said:

"It’s not good enough to have a ramp that’s similar to other guys, you have to ramp faster. That’s what we are aiming to do this holiday season, and particularly into 2012."

Great attitude!  WP7 fans have been wanting to see the word get out for a long time now.

Source: MobileToday, Via: WMPowerUser