Retail Insider app

Microsoft's Ben Rudolph tweeted to let Windows Phone retailers that there's a new app designed just for them.  Retail Insider offers vendors news, tips, info about the Windows Phone products they sell.  It also alerts them to promotions, contests and learning content exclusively for retail sellers.  The app fully integrates with Facebook, Twitter and email.  Key Features include:

  • Multiple Live tiles you can pin to your Start Screen that show the latest content updates
  • A device library with demo suggestions and selling tips
  • A curated list of the best Windows Phone apps with links to Marketplace
  • Easy sharing of app content via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail
  • An aggregated stream of updates from Microsoft’s social media channels for retail sellers
  • One-click access to customer demo videos that help you show your customers the best features of Windows Phone
  • Built-in Windows Phone FAQ and quick links to step-by-step how-to’s

You can download for free here.

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