Microsoft may be close to announcing an expansion to its XBox Live streaming, paid television content.  Bloomberg reports that they are planning to provide Comcast and Verizon TV, and have also been in talks with close to two dozen other content providers to add sports, music, TV and movies to their current XBox Live services in the US and Europe.  Anonymous sources say that the announcement could come as soon as next week.

Under the plan, current subscribers to Comcast and Verizon television would be able to receive their content through Xbox.  Other media from companies like HBO, Bravo and Syfy would be available to XBox Live members through streaming.  In addition, MS is in talks with manufacturers like Samsung to get a Windows Live gaming hub added as apps on some of their televisions.  Add to that the impending Bing integration with Kinect controls and you have one serious home entertainment hub.

Source: Bloomberg; Via: WinRumors

UPDATE: Microsoft made it official today in a press release detailing the television partnerships that they will have in place starting this holiday season.  The move includes deals with content providers around the world, including Bravo, Comcast, HBO GO, Verizon FiOS and Syfy in the U.S.; BBC in the U.K., Telefónica in Spain; Rogers On Demand in Canada; Televisa in Mexico; ZDF in Germany; and MediaSet in Italy.

You can get the details and a complete list of content in the full press release.

But first, check out this rockin' video of what's in store:

Source: Microsoft

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