MSN Autos, now with ads!

Into cars? Neither are we. But that shouldn't stop those of you who are from taking a look at MSN Autos which just went live in the Marketplace. The app is basically a shopping guide for new or used cars and features the worlds longest app description, even though we just told you what it does. Here's a snippet, from page 128 of said app description:

MSN Autos for Windows Phone is your resource for new & used car news and research, whenever and wherever you need it. Check out photos, car specs, reviews and videos; tag cars as Favorites and catch up on the latest news and tips. The MSN Autos app is your resource for onsite research and comparison, so you’ll be more confident when stepping onto car lots.

Whether you are seriously shopping or simply browsing for a new or used vehicle, the MSN Autos app lets you easily find cars by:

  • Make & model.
  • Criteria, including price, new/used, fuel economy, body style, convenience, and safety (even down to rain-sensing wipers).
  • Category, such as economical commuter cars, affordable performance, fuel-efficient SUVs, etc.

The app is just like every other MSN app out there--black, minimalist and for some seriously stupid reason, populated with ads. We say that out of love (MSN Movies is a nice app) but the ads really ruin what should be a free experience on Windows Phone. But putting our late morning gripes aside, MSN Autos is quite a useful app if you're in the mood for car shopping. If that's you, you'll want to head here to the Marketplace. Thanks, Ryan S., for the tip!

MSN Autos