msn messenger

Microsoft's MSN Messenger, also known as Windows Live Messenger, which shut down in most parts of the world in April 2013, will finally close for good on October 31. That's the date Microsoft has set for shutting down the messaging service in China, where it will be replaced by Skype.

Livesino reports that Chinese MSN Messenger users have been getting alerts this week informing them of the upcoming shut down and the recommendation to switch to Skype, along with an offer of 60 minutes of free global talk time to mobile numbers and landlines. Microsoft kept MSN Messenger going in China after it shut down everywhere else in the world because Skype was being operated by another company in that country at that time. Microsoft took over the operations of Skype in China in November 2013.

MSN Messenger was first launched in 1999 as a competitor to AOL Instant Messenger but when Microsoft bought Skype in 2011, the writing was on the wall that the older service would eventually be retired. In July 2012, Microsoft launched an MSN Messenger app for Windows Phone devices specifically for the Chinese market but it was never localized for any other countries.

What do you think of MSN Messenger finally and completely closing its doors after 15 years?

Source: Livesino via The Verge