Mugen Power Lumia 920 Extended Battery

If you're just not getting enough battery life out of your Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone, Mugen Power may have a solution for you with their 3000mAh and 4700mAh battery cases.

Mugen Power offers a wide assortment of extended batteries, including power sources for the Samsung ATIV-S and the Nokia Lumia 820.  We previously reported that Mugen Power was researching an extended power source for the Lumia 920 and now it looks like the battery will be available October 2nd.

The extended battery case will be offered in two sizes, 3000mAh and 4700mAh, and two color options, black and white. The 3000mAh option will run $89.50 and the 4700mAh will run $99.50.

Unlike other extended batteries that simply replace the existing battery and may/may not need an extended case, the Lumia 920 battery will be fitted into a case that would wrap around the Windows Phone. All of which will likely noticeably increase the overall size of the Lumia 920.

Still, if you're in need of extended battery life a little bulk may not be that much of a price to pay.

You find all the ordering information on the Nokia Lumia 920 Mugen Power batteries here at Mugen Power.

via:; Thanks, MBaumi, for the tip!