Love your Titan? Use it so much that you're killing the battery prematurely? We actually doubt there are many of you who are doing that as the Titan gets excellent battery life, but hypothetically speaking, lets say you wanted a bigger battery for your monster device. Mugen Power is now selling a slim-extended 1950mAh at a reasonable price.

Slim-extended means no new cover--this will take simply replace your existing battery and presumably add a bit of weight. At 1950mAh, you're getting about 18% more battery than the standard 1600mAh that comes with the Titan and Mugen claims it will last 1.22 as long. The battery is fetching for a reasonable $44.95 and you can save $3 with the coupon 'FACEBOOKSPECIAL'--that's the good news. The bad news is that it is currently out of stock and won't ship till after the 30th--so if you order now, don't expect it till the new year.


Now Mugen batteries, especially when they're "the same but bigger" are always a bit controversial with folks, which we understand. So we ordered one for ourselves and will put it through the tests after the new year to see if it really delivers. Sound good? In the meantime, you can ponder if you need it or not.

Source: Mugen Power