Windows 9 Leak

Multi-desktop support may be coming in the next major version of Windows. At least if what alleged video leaks are to be believed. Germany-based site called has been leaking screenshots and video of an early build of " Windows 9." So far we've seen a screenshot of the new Start menu and a video of said Start menu. Now we have two more videos: one showing new multi-desktop support and the ability to hide Live tiles in the Start menu.

Multi-desktop support is something Windows users have wanted for a long time. This is a brilliant feature you'll on Mac, there they call it "Spaces." This feature allows you to have additional virtual desktops all running at once. So you can have a desktop dedicated to image editing, another to writing your research paper and one dedicated to coding.

We're looking forward to checking out the multi-desktop support in Windows. How about you?

The other video shows that the Live tiles we've seen in the Start menu can be disabled. Something that you Windows 7 holdouts might be looking forward to.


Thanks for the tip Silviu B!