Updated: Say it ain't so! Looks like Network World got the quote wrong as Michael Scherotter ask them to make a correction noting: "Great article but with a slight correction; built-in software like Zune can play music in the background. Pandora cannot at this time."

The issue of multitasking in Windows Phone 7 has been nearly beaten to death but there is light at the end of the tunnel. One app that is frequently held up as an example of why multitasking is needed is Pandora--the music streaming app that chooses songs based on your likes/dislikes. Not being able to run Pandora in the background seems painful, as anyone who used an iPhone (pre-iOS 4) could attest.

Well, it looks like those fears may be unfounded. According to Network World, at the Sprint Developer Conference held Tuesday, Microsoft’s Michael Scherotter mentioned that Pandrora is an exception. More importantly that multitasking is coming to Windows Phone 7, just no firm date;

Scherotter said while a few major apps will be able to multitask, such as Pandora, the music streaming app that will play in the background while the user is doing something else, independent apps will not, for now. Scherotter said that eventually, independent apps will be multitask-capable, but he wouldn't say when that would be.

Good news for Pandora (presumably soon to be available in the Marketplace) and we're confident Microsoft will deliver on the multitasking front, once they design an elegant method to do so. Does this make anyone feel a bit better about their potential future investment in the OS?

Source: Network World