After making a splash by announcing a switch from Windows to Linux over a decade ago, the city of Munich is considering a switch back. As reported by ZDNet, the Munich city authority's administrative and personnel committee recommended the city move to complete a switch to Windows 10.

Munich government may drop Linux for return to Windows

So what's the rush? According to the report, software compatibility:

The authority's administrative and personnel committee this week made a long-awaited recommendation for the reorganization of Munich's IT setup, calling for an immediate start to the creation of a uniform, Windows-based client architecture that can be deployed across the council by the end of 2020 at the latest.

The committee said the use of "standard products" was necessary for compatibility with products from software vendors such as SAP.

The report also notes that a lot of the dissatisfaction with the current setup is "due to old versions, and they are not rolled out because of organizational problems."

This isn't the first time the city of Munich has made headlines on this matter. Back in 2014, Munich was also considering a switch after the recently completed move to the Linux-based LiMux, plagued with compatibility complaints, proved more problematic than anticipated.

The proposal is set to be voted on this Wednesday, February 15. If it passes, Munich will begin the process of transitioning to Windows 10 by 2020. The committee's proposal also includes a recommendation of moving to platform-independent apps and programs to hopefully head off future issues.