My Social Share

Still sore that the ability to post to multiple social networks was removed from the Me hub in Windows Phone 8.1? Then you’re going to want to check out My Social Share Target. It’s a new app in the Windows Phone Store that is currently in public beta. The app currently allows you to share to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously.

Windows Phone developer Marco Siccardi (@msicc) is the man behind My Social Share Target. You’ve probably seen a few of his other apps like TweeCoMinder and NFC Toolkit before. His latest app will be very welcomed by users who like to post status updates to various social networks at the same time.

The app is simple and straight forward. Just download it and connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Head into the Me hub and you’ll be able to select My Social Share Target after opting to ‘post an update’. You’ll be launched into the app where you can compose your status update and send it to Twitter and Facebook. The app will pick up LinkedIn support in a future update.

My Social Share Target is currently in an open beta. It’s free to download and use, but do reach out to Marco if you notice any bugs or want to have other features implemented. His Twitter is up above or you can find his contact info through his app.

Download My Social Share Target from the Windows Phone Store

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