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Network speed test apps are always finicky and hard to judge for accuracy but we like what we see with the new app called Speed Test (or my Speed Test).

The app is free and has a companion site (http://www.myspeedtest.mobi) which is very useful for checking on your stats, seeing geolocaiton information and what others are getting for speeds. There’s no way to create an account but the Sign In area near the top suggests that this feature may be coming down the road.

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The companion Speed Test website

Speed Test is quite basic—you launch it and start the test, measuring your latency, download and upload speeds. You can either do a “complete” test or “fast” with the latter using smaller file-sizes, resulting in slightly less accurate results. You can then scroll over for “network” info including seeing your location and once more for test history. There are no options for changing between kb/s and Mbps with the former being used in this app.

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For free we can’t complain too much about Speed Test and the developer looks to have expansion plans for the app as a service. That’s a big deal since many network test apps often get abandoned by their developers.  In comparison tests with our favorite speed test app, Bandwidth (which is sadly no longer available) we found the results to be comparable to Speed Test’s which is a good sign.

Pick up Speed Test here in the Marketplace for free. You can also try Microsoft’s TestMyNet too.

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