NinjaCat Bombay

Since 2013 is coming to an end (we trust you all have your parties to attend to?), myAppFree has thrown yet another deal together for you all to grab NinjaCat Bombay for free over the next 24 hours. The deal has already kicked off, so head past the break to learn more about the title and to grab the game from the store.

So what exactly is NinjaCat Bombay? It's a platformer and ninja action game with some physics. There are light RPG elements to the title in the form of skill and weapon upgrades. It's a neat game that will surely absorb hours when you're sat there pondering what to do on your Windows Phone.

NinjaCat Bombay is also currently in development, which means you have the ability to shape the game's future through feedback and suggestions. From the cool, funky music to the enjoyable combat system and gameplay, you're sure to have some fun battling through the levels.

NinjaCat Bombay

Download NinjaCat Bombay from the Windows Phone Store for free before the deal ends (usually $1.99) by hitting the link or scanning the QR code below. Who's picking up a copy?

QR: NinjaCat Bombay