myAppFree for Windows 8

myAppFree is a Windows Phone app that you should be familiar with. The app works with Windows Phone developers to offer free or discounted pricing on a wide variety of Windows Phone games and apps. The deals often run twenty-four hours and are available throughout the week.

Starting today, the myAppFree deals will expand to the Windows Store and offer free or discounted pricing for Windows 8 apps and games.

The deals for the Windows Store will work much like they do for the Windows Phone Store. myAppFree will work with Windows 8 developers to offer daily deals on games and apps. Sometimes the deal will deliver the titles for free while other times you will see a discounted price.

myAppFree for Windows 8

The Windows 8 version of the myAppFree app will also highlight the Windows Phone deals we have come to know and save through. You will also have access to your myAppFree account information to review your points earned, savings to date and other information.

Windows Central will continue our myAppFree deal of the week for Windows Phone titles and will shine the light on the new Windows Store deals as well. In the meantime, hit the links below to download myAppFree - now available for both Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Please Note that the App of the Day service with the Windows 8 app will begin at midnight Central European Time (5:00 p.m Central Standard Time in the U.S. if my conversion is correct.

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