For those of you on AT&T (and we know there's a lot), you'll be excited to know the myAT&T app has been bumped to version 2.0. What's more, it's an actual app now! Before, you'll recall, the app pulled your usage data down which was useful, but any further account information would require the app to launch mobile IE--making this "app" little more than a front for the AT&T website.

We call that lame here at WPCentral.

Now in version 2.0, you can nowt only see all your info but even add and manage your services from within the app. And yes, we mean it's an actual app now with no IE9 trickery on board. Dare we say it actually looks nice too? Bravo AT&T, it only took one year!

So if you were frustrated before, you'll want to grab it right now in the Marketplace (Note: link only works on your AT&T phone, not for the web Marketplace) Thanks, Anthony A.& John R., for the tip!