MyFitnessPal for Windows Phone is about to receive an overdue fix. Since May, MyFitnessPal for Windows Phone has been running into issues. According to MyFitnessPal, an update will come out soon that address all stability problems with the app.

In June, a beta was started to help improve the app, but apparently those longstanding issues weren't resolved. Users have reported the app would freeze, require reinstallations and more. That dark past in MyFitnessPal for Windows Phone looks almost to be over.

The team at MyFitnessPal have posted an update regarding the Windows Phone app. In it, we learned that beta testers have helped the team isolate and fix major issues with the app. A second round of beta testing is currently underway. Once the MyFitnessPal team is satisfied that all issues have been fixed in the beta test, they'll release the update to the general public.

We'll of course let you know when the update goes live. It's worth cautioning now that MyFitnessPal recommends uninstall and reinstalling the app once the update goes live.

Anyone use MyFitnessPal regularly? Let us know if you're looking forward to the updated app for Windows Phone.

Source: MyFitnessPal

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