Organizing your Live Tiles and Live Tile generators are nothing new (see our earlier post on the topic). Heck, our own Rich Edmonds created a pretty swanky one on his blog for everyone. In that regard, MyLiveTile is not exactly ground breaking, but it is designed well enough and perhaps this post will serve as a reminder on how to do this or even that you can do this.

All this site does is create a perfectly sized square that you can "pin to your start screen" using Internet Explorer. The effect is spacers between your Live Tiles to give a better sense of organizations e.g. separate your games from your contacts from your apps. Pretty cool and it's actually quite handy, once you have 20 or more tiles on your device.

So navigate to using IE on your device, follow the directions and walla, you're done. Now go organize your clothes closet already and no, we're not helping with that one, so don't ask.

(Thanks, Ramiro, for the heads up!)